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10 – 14 June / Tawny owlets cries for food


We put up a birdhouse för owls and then one June day four years ago we heard exciting sounds from our so-called  Linden church - a collection of trees forming a large room. We couldn't

10 – 14 June / Tawny owlets cries for food2024-06-17T20:08:48+00:00

4 – 9 June / Black flies and Dragonflies


Rain and the moisture bring out the tiny little bloodsuckers. They come in droves. It stings and itches. If you stay outside for too long, it feels like they've got into your ears, under your

4 – 9 June / Black flies and Dragonflies2024-06-16T06:56:48+00:00

30 May – 3 June / Flowering breakfast


Now begins the most wonderful time when all sorts of edibles can be collected from the site. In the morning, a smoothie as rich as possible including many different species. Here: Ladys´s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris),

30 May – 3 June / Flowering breakfast2024-06-02T11:53:55+00:00

25 – 29 May / Timothy life


Grass has always been an important relationship on our farm. Especially timothy, Phleum pratense,  which is one of the first grasses in the early summer. Many of the wreaths are tied by hand without strings

25 – 29 May / Timothy life2024-06-02T11:54:51+00:00

Calling for the cuckoo


All morning and all evening he sits and sings during the spring evenings. I sat down early one morning on May 16 and called to see how he would react. It didn't take long before

Calling for the cuckoo2024-06-02T11:04:34+00:00

Singing with bumblebees


For a very short period in May, the maples flower. This is just what the newly awakened bumblebees and bees need. It sounds as if the whole tree is feeding on their song. A low

Singing with bumblebees2024-06-02T10:59:38+00:00

Playing with a Blackbird


One morning on May 16, I went out into the birch forest to see if I could get a conversation with the Blackbird that I heard singing there. I sat for an hour and the

Playing with a Blackbird2024-06-02T10:55:19+00:00

Singing with Loons


On the morning of May 9  I had a conversations down at the at the lake Sången with Gavia stellata, the red-throated loon. They respond with their ancient cries as if from another world.

Singing with Loons2024-06-02T10:50:51+00:00
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