In our vision, Sångshyttan Art is a place where people can rest, meet, create, reflect and learn.  This first year we invite smaller groups to come and explore the atmosphere and our on-site exhibitions, for availability please go to the visit page. If you are interested in the art of members of the family, you can also visit the on-line art gallery.

In the weekly vlogg you can follow Annika sharing her talks about what she calls Artful leadership, an invitation to an holistic view based on our relationship to nature, each other and our own highest future potential.

Art and nature has been the holding space of the farm for nearly 70 years and has shaped the atmosphere of creativity, hospitality and openness that we know empowers our guests. At Sångshyttan Art the language of art is expressed in different modalities;  art, music, food, poetry, farming, social relationships, leadership etc. Nature is our teacher and greatest inspiration. This website is a living prototype for our dreams to unfold, information and activities will change according to our experiences and the feedback we get from you.

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