The history of the farm dates back to the Finnish settlers who came here in the late 16th century. They were pioneers on cultivating new land. Because they had a way of farming that included burning down parts of the forest in order to cultivate rye they were called Svedjefinnar (svedje – to burn). Today the farm consists of a residential building (1705), four different barns and a new residential building. The farm is located on calcareous soil which means that you can find both noble trees and rare plants. The farm covers an area of ​​approximately four hectares of land with access to water and fishing rights. We are not alone, the farm is included in the village of Sångshyttan with approximately 20 households.

The garden surrounds the residential house. A forest garden with fruit trees and berry bushes mixed with the cultivation of both perennials and annuals is located to the west.  A small green house for more sensitive plants is on south side.  Next to the greenhouse you find a pond for carp fish. In the outskirts of the garden there are some beehives. New for this year is the arrival of  sheep as well as a hen house.

The paths that run through the fields invite the visitor into the landscape: through the hazel groves, towards the oak and juniper bushes. There are places to rest tired legs, to sit and dream for a while in one of the various seating arrangements along the path or to lie down in a hammock?

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