Maria Lager
Fjäderlätt (Feather light)
Acrylic on Canvas
39 x  25,6″ / 100 x 65 cm



Maria Lager

Maria was born 1967 in Gothenburg, Sweden. She now lives and works in Alingsås, a small town close to Gothenburg. Maria is the granddaughter of Gerd and Niklas Göran and the daughter of Malin and Tord Lager. After completing her art studies in 1990, she has had several exhibitions throughout Sweden.

This is how Maria describes her world of images:
“I stand there, looking, wondering and thinking.
What I see is so unique and interesting.
Every streak of light in the neck feathers of the bird, the vastness of the sky,
the panel of the old fasad or the hand-blown window glass,
all ignites the desire to paint.
I want to capture that moment in an infinite world. ”

Maria is represented:
In several Swedish municipalities and county councils.