Gras III

24 x 32″/ 62 x 83 cm



Malin is the daughter of Gerd and Niklas Göran. She grew up in Sångshyttan and then moved to Gothenburg for her studies in the 60s. Malin married the artist Tord Lager, they have two daughters, Maria and Emelie Lager.
Malin studied sculpture at HDK but soon found textile being her medium. In the early 80’s, she “discovered” the sewing machine as a tool. Since then, she has explored it´s possibilities. The sawing machine has become her brush, the fabric and thread her color.

Malin embroiders the images with an analogue Pfaff sewing machine from 1984. Small pieces of fabric in different colors and luster build up the motif, which is then covered with layers upon layers of thread in different shades. By folding down the feeder and sewing with a special foot for stop stitching, she can control the fabric freely and “paint” with the thread.


Malin is represented at:
National Museum, Stockholm
Rohss Museum, Gothenburg
Norrköpings Museum, Norrköping
Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey Ca, USA

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